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How to make a game? Just another site about programming for beginners and kids

Programming tutorial. How to make an arkanoid on C language. Screenshot

Here you can learn programming and how to create computer games. I will not teach you how to use popular software for game development, like Unity or Unreal Engine. Only hardcore! In different sections of the site you can find tutorials about programming: C/C++, Python, DirectX and OpengGL, algorithms, math and physics. Almost all lessons are intended for beginners in programming.

Now I'm working on C+ language section.

Also there is my personal blog, but it's not about programming. There I'll write about different stuff: music, history, languages (human: spanish, chinese...) and about my own projects.

As you can see, I'm not a native speaker, so my tutorials require editorial work. Sorry for that. I'll fix that in the future by hiring the editor, now it's just too few learning materials.

So you want to learn programming? Create your own game!

Programming tutorial about triagles order drawing

Here is the right place to do it. In tutorials I've describe everything from basics. In the beginning we'll learn little theory, and then step by step we'll start learn programming: different types of programming languages, syntax, variables, loops and conditions, functions, classes, multi-file applications.

At later stages we'll learn different computer algorithms that have use in different areas and of course in computer games.

In the end we'll learn most used graphics libraries OpenGL and DirectX 11 and most recent ones: Vulkan API and DirectX 12.