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Hybrid Inc. The Game

Hybrid Inc. is a strategy game where the player controls theme park with hybrid animals. Now it's in a prototype phase and I'm doing it in Unity. Here are the first thoughts.

Plan for 3 months: February - April 2019. Hybrid Inc.

Again missed the beginning of the period. But have very good news.

Plan for 3 months: November 2018 - January 2019. Hybrid Inc.

Missed the starting date as too many things happening

Plan for 3 months: August - October 2018

Another 3 months passed (5 May - 7 August 2018). Next 3 months want to finish 31 of October to align dates.

Plan for 3 months: May - July 2018

Have quite good results from previous period (5 February - 4 May 2018).

Plan for 3 months: February - May 2018

Have very good results from previous period (7 November 2017 - 6 Ferbruary 2018).

Didn't have much time, but still started two own projects: Roleplay Yourself (time management web app) and Sticks and Stones (RTS game).

Sticks and stones announcement

In less then two months of my game development challenge I've choosen the idea of what I want to make. It's a classic-style real-time strategy game (i.e. Age of Empires, Warcraft 1,2) with emphasis on tactics.

Official page of a game

Roleplay Yourself

Couple weeks working on the project. Mix of productivity, time management, relaxational, visualiztion tools.

Called it Roleplay Yourself.

Make game challenge

While I've been preparing code for new tutorial (A* search), I've come to thought that it's time to try to make my own game.

Hire a programmer: Python (Django), C/C++, Java (Android), Swift (iOS), JavaScript

My name is Roman and I'm a seasoned developer with 10 years experience in coding. I can propose quite a good deal if you need a programmer.

Plan for 3 months: November 2017 - February 2018

Finishing current plan (14 August - 13 November) a bit earlier. And it's not because I've done everything planned. On the contrary I've done too little. I have progress only on job direction.

Plan for 3 months: August-November

Ok. Two days ago finished previous plan. And I've done nothing except for job direction.

3 months is not too long period and not too short. And this make 3 months planning very flexible.

Now it's time to make the plan for next three months.

New PC configuration

So in the end I've decided to upgrade my PC hardware. New configuration is:

KVM Virtualization on Ubuntu. First Try

Recently I've reinstalled my primary operating system which is Ubuntu. I've installed 17.04 version. And then I've decided to try KVM virtualization to install Windows 10 as guest operating system