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Make game challenge

While I've been preparing code for new tutorial (A* search), I've come to thought that it's time to try to make my own game.

Long time ago (maybe 15 years) I wanted to make games. Though my life gone in another way. I've become programmer but in different areas.

For A* search tutorial I've drawn graphics by myself and it wasn't too bad. In couple days I've decided that it's time to make my own game. I have full-time project that I'm working on, so now I have about 1 hour per day to work on my own projects.

The goal will be reached when my game will appear in Steam. I think it's possible to make this real in 5 years with my current load.

My wife wanted to start drawing for a long time and she agreed to make graphics.

We already started to make prototypes. I want to try different genres. And results I'll publish on youtube channel.


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