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Plan for 3 months: February - May 2018

Have very good results from previous period (7 November 2017 - 6 Ferbruary 2018).

Didn't have much time, but still started two own projects: Roleplay Yourself (time management web app) and Sticks and Stones (RTS game).

At last started to use planning in my life. Also in last week I was trying to manage sleep. Now use detailed plan for a week.

Next perios is 5 February - 4 May 2018.

- Job. Fixed iOS version and updated web-site. My partner started the sells. Now working on adding tracking devices. If all goes well, soon I'll get much more free time to work on my projects.
- Roleplay Yourself. First project that I've started in this period. During next I want to implement weekly planning that now I do in paper.
- Sticks and Stones. Will work on core gameplay: interface, research,squads
- This site. No progress.
- Books. At last I've started to read books (not required for professional grow) again.
- Health and physical condition. Same plan: pull-ups.


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