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Plan for 3 months: August - October 2018

Another 3 months passed (5 May - 7 August 2018). Next 3 months want to finish 31 of October to align dates.

Lot of work was done. We still don't have clients but waiting finishing of two tenders. And other interrogations happens. Roleplay Yourself project is at stage when I can use it myself (time tracking, activities management). Soon will publish new version. So the goal "Started to learn React, Redux. During next I want to implement weekly planning that now I do in paper." is completed.

Next period is 8 August - 31 October 2018.

- Job. Make update of android version and different improvements.
- Roleplay Yourself. Different additions: daily plan, time table, fix events and life calendar.
- Sticks and Stones. Learn Unity/Blender, maybe participate in some game jam.
- This site. In previous period bought back my old domain and setup redirects from it. It still generates small traffic. Site slightly improved its domain authority. Slightly better results on search. Goal: write some tutorials and maybe make some videos.
- Drawing. Start to learn to draw - find teacher.
- Books. Read book about investments.
- Health and physical condition. Same plan: pull-ups.

My wife wants to move to another city. Talks happens for a lot of time, and I'm ready. If my partner will finally find clients, I think I'll move my family this autumn.


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