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Plan for 3 months: February - April 2019. Hybrid Inc.

Again missed the beginning of the period. But have very good news.

Have started to draw more regularly, modeling in Blender. And have started to learn music theory.

Next period is 1 February - 30 April 2019.

- Job. Add geofence for different users.
- Roleplay Yourself. Work on bugs.
- Unity. Dropped the game jam, but working on Hybrid Inc.
- Sticks and Stones. Delayed in favor of Hybrid Inc.
- This site. Finish WinAPI tutorial, write the tutorial about OpenGL and DirectX.
- Drawing. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Trying new thing in time management. In addition to week plan now I'm appointing every hour I need to work to the specific hour during the week. The goal is to increase to increase work time.


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