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To Regular Visitors

In this post I'll try to convince you to donate your money to support this site.

Since the end of Summer I wrote several tutorials. New tutorials show good result and attract new audience.

Apart from it I'm working on my own game engine and training my drawing skills. My last art-work is at the beginning of this post (please consider that I'm started 2 years ago at my 30 and I did start from zero).

I'm writing engine in DirectX 11. Trying different concepts of game programming, math and algorithms.

In the future some ideas from the engine will be used in tutorials on this site.

I have ideas of two games and they are both RTS.

First, Hybrid, Inc. That's a tycoon with hybrid animals. Second, Sticks and Stones. In its prototype I want to try to implement gameplay that will bind global and tactical strategy. Setting - ancient world, starting from Neolith and till the end of Rome.

Now, while there are few users, financial goal - accumulate money to pay the hosting. The site doesn't have and will never have ads.

If you find my tutorials useful and you wait for new ones, and you have spare $1, you can support this site through PayPal.

PayPal link.

If you have questions, please write comment or email me:

Thanks for your time,


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