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In this series of tutorials we'll learn C++ programming language.

C++ is the descendant of C language. It has similar syntax. But it also adds many features like object-oriented programming.

C++ 17

C++ 17 is the latest vesion of the standard for C++. It was released in 2017. In tutorials we'll discuss what features were brought by different versions: C++11, C++ 14, C++ 17, C++ 98.

There is also newer version of C++. C++2a is the draft of new C++ standard. But since it's a draft we'll not use it.

Tools: GCC And MSVC

To run programs that's written in C++ we'll need compiler. We'll start with GCC and then will use MSVC and discover Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 (it's part of Visual Studio IDE). All software we'll use is free.


How to compile C++ code with g++
First Program: Hello World in C/C++
Data Types and Variables in C++
Input and Output in C++. Streams
Operators in C++
Conditions in C++: if... else if... else and switch