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C Programming Language

C programming language is one of the oldest languages that have important value today. It was created in 1972 during development of UNIX operating system by Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie.

Through the years a lot of new programming languages were created. Many of them were influenced by C. And even now, after almost 45 years, C language is one of the most used programming languages.

C programming tutorials

C language is a low-level language. This means that compared to high-level languages it's more closer to hardware. That means it's more verbose (you should write more code than in other languages), it should manage memory more carefully, but it has more control over the memory allocation and it's possible to build programs that has very precise management of the hardware resources.

In this course of tutorials on C we'll start from the very basics of C programming language and will finish with the console See Battle game.

Learning C programming language as the first one

There are many opinions of what programming language should be chosen for the beginner in programming. Many suggests to start from the Pascal that was created specifically for studying of programming. Others proposing languages with simple syntax, like in Python. Many people thinks that C programming language is too hard to begin with.

As for me, I think that almost any programming language can be used for studying. C programming language too. I understand what is programming when I learned C++ (C language with additional features). Moreover, I think it's a good idea to learn two programming languages almost at the same time. Because in the real world you will work with more than one programming language even on quiet simple project.

I prefer C and Python or Java and Python (yes, I really like Python). C language gives understanding how computer works internally and Python packages allows you to start coding almost in any area of programming right away.

C programming language tutorials on this web-site

Tutorials on C programming that you can find below written in step-by-step manner. At the beginning it's supposed that you don't know anything about C programming language and by the end you'll build Sea Battle game.

I advise you to read tutorials from other sections too. Later I'll build the section that will bind tutorials of different sections together.


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