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Greek alphabet

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In mathematics different values are represented with letters of Latin and Greek alphabets. As you read this text, I suppose, you don't have problems reading Latin letters. But we encounter Greek letters less. Mostly at math classes. As for me, I always have problems with reading Greek letters. And I think, I'm not alone. So, knowing how to read Greek letters right will allow us to read different mathematical formulas correctly.

Greek letters

Α α - alpha
Β β - beta
Γ γ - gamma
Δ δ - delta
Ε ε - epsilon
Ζ ζ - zeta
Η η - eta
Θ θ - theta
Ι ι - iota
Κ κ - kappa
Λ λ - lambda
Μ μ - mu
Ν ν - nu
Ξ ξ - xi
Ο ο - omicron
Π π - pi
Ρ ρ - rho
Σ σ - sigma
Τ τ - tau
Υ υ - upsilon
Φ φ - phi
Χ χ - chi
Ψ ψ - psi
Ω ω - omega

Also, you need to know that if Latin and Greek letters coincides, Latin letter is used. For example: A, B, O, o, X, P...

You don't need to learn these letters. Just know, that you can find here how to read unknown letter if you met it in some formula in later tutorials.


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