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Plans for 3 months

As there are none visitors on the site yet, I'll use the blog as my personal diary for some time.

Recently I've come to 3 month planning (about 12 weeks). New cycle just started and it will end on 12 august.

Now I have 5 spheres of.... interest, maybe, not sure how to name it right. They are:
- job (current project that is related to streaming),
- this web-site,
- health and physical condition,
- art (I'm interested in music and graphics) and
-languages (now I'm trying to learn Chinese).

For each sphere I have goals on next 3 months:
- job. Finish the project. I've worked on it since last april, now it's almost 13 months. I have a share in it. And during the summer it should be clear if this project will bring money or not. I've made big discount on my work and spent a lot from my savings during the work. So it will be very good if project make it. Now I have a feeling: cautious optimism. It has great idea and very good work was done (I'm very content what I've done) but it's not clear if it will bring the money. If it will work, then I'll work on this project for several years and it will bring good money.
- site. First thing - make adjustments to blog - add separator so on blog posts page there is only beginning of posts. Also the goal is to write 10 tutorials.
- health. Deal with teeth. Start pull-ups - should make 10 in one try by the end.
- art. Learn notes (be capable of read classic notes - don't know how to describe it properly).
- chinese. 50 hieroglyphs.


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