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KVM Virtualization on Ubuntu. First Try

Recently I've reinstalled my primary operating system which is Ubuntu. I've installed 17.04 version. And then I've decided to try KVM virtualization to install Windows 10 as guest operating system

Couple years ago I've switch my primary operating system to Ubuntu as it's more comfortable for my work. But sometimes I need Windows as well. I used VirtualBox (when I was on Windows and had Ubuntu as guest OS) a lot but I don't want to use it anymore. Last months I have Windows installed on separate SSD. But I don't like to restart the computer to switch OS.

Recently with all the hype about new virus I've decided to try KVM hardware virtualization. I've setup libvirt and virt-manager and installed Windows 10.

It's definitely better solution than Virtual Box or the separate disk but it requires more resources. I have quite old machine with AMD FX 6300. Additionally Ubuntu sees only 8Gb of RAM out of 12Gb that I have. So I need upgrade of my hardware first as now virtualization is quite slow.


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