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Plan for 3 months: August-November

Ok. Two days ago finished previous plan. And I've done nothing except for job direction.

3 months is not too long period and not too short. And this make 3 months planning very flexible.

Now it's time to make the plan for next three months.

14 August - 13 November. For this time I plan to quite change the goals.

- job (current project that is related to streaming). Things go good here. I've finished iPhone version of app and now we are building the separate site for potential client. So, that's the main thing that's needs to be done for this plan.
- this web-site. For last three months did nothing. Want to change strategy. Need to talk with my niece and propose her to learn programming. She's 13. I've already teached teenagers several years ago so want to try again.
- health and physical condition. Plan pull-ups.
- art. Don't plan this. Instead plan to get course on cybersecurity on edx or something.
-languages. Plan to work on improving English.


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