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Plan for 3 months: November 2017 - February 2018

Finishing current plan (14 August - 13 November) a bit earlier. And it's not because I've done everything planned. On the contrary I've done too little. I have progress only on job direction.

7 November 2017 - 6 February 2018. For this time I plan to quite change the goals.

- job. Completely finished iOS version. Release of iOS gave me problems also to app was added webRTC voice chat. Now will concentrate on Android version. And waiting for my partner to sell the site to someone at last.
- this web-site. Started to teach my niece. In recent days started to work on site - no new content, but changing old pages. Polished main page a bit. Have ideas about design. In next 90 days hope to write couple Python tutorials.
- health and physical condition. Same plan: pull-ups.
- art. Not exactly art, but read about cypersecurity and web-sites optimizations. Have thoughts about that. Also I've started youtube channel, but need good mic and camera. For next 3 months plan to have little practice of drawing.
-languages. Will work on English.

Previous period ends quite well. And I hope next one will be even better.


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