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Hire a programmer: Python (Django), C/C++, Java (Android), Swift (iOS), JavaScript

My name is Roman and I'm a seasoned developer with 10 years experience in coding. I can propose quite a good deal if you need a programmer.

What I can do

For years I've written code in many programming languages: Python, C/C++, Java, Swift, JavaScript, PHP. I can't draw, but I can implement in HTML/CSS design of any complexity.

I can make a web-site. I don't work on simple ones. My last projects included: map integration, tracking of position from smartphones, streaming from smartphones (wowza streaming and vod), live video chat between web-site and phone app, encoding video on server from user input on web-site interface.

I work with different frameworks. Both server-side and client-side: Django (Python), RoR (Ruby), Phalcon (PHP), AngularJS, Backbone, React. I work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. For web-server I prefer Nginx, for websockets - Tornado (or Meteor). Also can setup Redis and RabbitMQ if needed for the project.

I'm proficient in managing of Linux operating system and for hosting I usually choose Amazon AWS.

If you need development of native smartphone app (Android or iOS), the app will be bound to your account, so on store page your name will be listed as developer (if it's needed).

Almost all code that I write has automated tests.

All code for clients I store in Bitbucket as it's hidden from other people.


I'm working 7 days a week. I'm available for chat most time during the day from 2am till 19pm UTC time. For communication prefer to use Telegram as it has decent desktop client. Also possible to make audio/video calls (Skype, Viber).

I'm the direct contractor and not the middle man. It's me who will do all the job: from HTML/CSS markup to configuring software on server.

Reasonable price. My rate: $1700-$2200 per month. Depends on project. I live in Russia in province and life here is not too expensive so I can hold price lower than other developers of my level.

No advances. Depends on project in the beginning I make prototype/proof of concept and then break the project by milestones.

No additional fees from freelance site. I send you invoice at the end of milestone if you need it for taxes, then you transfer payment directly to my bank. And I quit office to not depend on some staff of 3rd party site and pay them large comission.

Write me to about the project you have and we can discuss details